A wrong way driver who killed a fire dispatcher in a drunken stupor speaks in court Friday before his sentencing. A Maricopa Superior Court Judge gave Steven Martin 14 years in prison for second degree murder in last year’s crash that killed 26 year old Megan Lange on Interstate 17 in Phoenix.

Martin was extremely drunk and going southbound in the northbound lanes of 17 at Glendale avenue when he crashed his car into Lange’s during her overnight commute home from her dispatch job in January 2015.

Martin apologized profusely to the victim’s family in court. “I can only hope one day I can prove myself worthy of some kind of forgiveness”, he said. “In asking this, I know I will never, ever forgive myself.”

Lange’s family testified of the huge void in their lives from Megan’s death, all because, they say, Martin made a bad choice by getting behind the wheel extremely impaired. But Martin’s family also testified that Steven is a loving, compassionate man who just made a tragic mistake.

Martin has also been sentenced to three years probation. The 14 year sentence is slightly less than the maximum 16 year presumptive sentence, but the Judge took the testimony on his behalf under consideration to render a shorter sentence.

–Barbara Villa