donate bloodAlthough,  there is a minimum age restriction on donor eligibility, (17 years old), there is no maximum cut off date which a person  cannot donate blood. Ann Trilby, United Blood Services Tri-State Representative adds “Eligibility to donate blood is not based on age; it is based on the current health of  the donor, weight,  type of medications they are on, i.e. , blood thinners  usually defer a donor (baby aspirin excluded), recent surgeries,  travel to countries that may defer a donor due to bacteria/elements in the atmosphere that could affect the recipient, and tattoos that are within a year. We are under the strict  guidelines of the FDA and CCC, so we are very careful to follow all guidelines, which  protects  the donor, as well as the receiver of the blood.” “The oldest donor I have met was 94 years old lady who still road her motorcycle and was  in extremely good health”  Trilby added. For more information on  blood drives in your area or donor eligibility, visit or call 1-877-827-4376 (M-F)